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Welcome to the Devizes Ukip Constituency Association website

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About our Branch


The Devizes branch covers a vast geographical area (over 50,000 electors) and includes the towns of Marlborough, Pewsey, Tidworth, Bulford and Devizes itself.

Constituency Map

We have some of England’s most beautiful and archaeologically important countryside within our boundaries; and it is the threat to that unique cultural inheritance from the Coalition’s disgraceful surrender to the rich developer’s lobby that is at the heart of our determination to offer voters a real alternative to the Establishment consensus. None of us in Devizes Ukip wants to deny decent housing to our local people or to the families of our armed forces as they return from heroic overseas service. But the housing need of our own people is not the same as developers’ demand driven by mass immigration and an utter disregard for the opinions and concerns of Wiltshire residents.

 Devizes Ukip vows to fight the cynical promoters of wind farms, the rapacious despoilers of our villages and countryside, the smug place-men of the old political parties that have dominated decision making here for too long. We will stand up for our own people and insist that their everyday worries are properly listened to. We are not like the old parties. Ukip is the Party of the people – and Devizes Ukip of local Wiltshire people.

 We invite those who share our determination to take control of our borders and wrest decision-making from the hands of the old gang to join us in the fight to protect a safe and recognisable future for Wiltshire.